This project is a recognition and acceptance of our place within nature and how time measurement on Earth needs to be different.

We are currently in the “Holocene”, a geological period that started 11,550 years ago. While all organisms influence their environments to some degree, few have ever changed the planet as fast as our species is doing.

A tipping point was reached and to overcome this incredible period of loss and extinction a new era by researchers was suggested: the “Anthropocene”, an unofficial unit of geologic time that describes the significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems by human activity.

Memory of Future Landscapes is a vision of that pure and untouched world, a blank canvas with visions of the Garden of Eden, an immaculate place where there’s time and space for reflection and contemplation.

A new era brings a new start, memories of unspoiled pristine islands where we can take refuge, reverting the damage while identifying what is pure and essential. The real challenge is to get closer to what remains eternally new and to understand the strength of natural beginnings.