João Paulo Carvalho (Jp) sees photography as his encrypted language; it transforms physical objects into abstract experiences, reframing and reimagining ordinary things to communicate a sense of awe.

He is interested in nature’s miracles, visions of the catastrophic, and the celebration of the endless continuity of life, the spectrum of the ages from growth to death. JP understands that landscapes can convey powerful emotions. In his hands, the deep life in the ocean can give the sensation of a parallel world coexisting. All things are interconnected if you look closely enough.

JP captures images of his own secret places and shares them to connect with the viewer, from the outside to the inside, and shows how he reflects and interacts in both. A bridge to connect two different places.

You’ll keep the postcard, but he’ll keep the place.

You’ll share his sense of wonder in the fragments and pieces of an incomplete puzzle, understanding viscerally that reality is not just what we perceive. His images are an open invitation to practice sitting with our feelings in quiet stillness and reflective contemplation.

This is a poetry of things, in which the poet becomes almost anonymous.